Zappis Race – an Improvement and a lesson

This week was more successful than the previous. I managed to find a wheel to sit on and a partner to ride with. I set off too quickly at the start, sprinting away to make sure I got off to a good start. I went a bit too hard and so sat up and dropped back in as my legs stang a bit.

IMG_1581 (1024x683)The race carried on, and me and another girl worked together, until the last lap where she was on the front and on the final sprint I over took and sprinted for the line.

I have learnt from this race that under 14s is massively different from last year and the under 12s. For instance, doing a huge sprint at the start of a under 14 race is not the best tactic. Not just because it is a massive expenditure of energy, but also because it meant I didn’t have that energy for getting in a front group of boys when the race did split.

All in all I finished with a smiley face though and took the win for the girls, so a bit of success and a lesson learnt.