Zappis Crit 3 – Applying the learning!

This week I remembered the lesson from last week. Instead I got away well and aimed for one of my team mates wheels, a rider I knew would be in a bunch and I had planned who to go with. I made sure to get a good steady start rather than a frantic sprint to break it all up. I got in a group with my team mate (Joe), there was also a strong girl in the bunch.

The race was fairly normal once it settled down, we got into race formation and the laps and time ticked by. One guy kept making attacks but we always brought it back together without too much trouble, and before I knew it it was the last lap.

IMG_1715 (1024x736)I made sure that when the final lap came I wasn’t going to be on the front wasting energy. No one attacked in the last lap, so we all stayed inching along in the head wind, waiting for the last straight and someone to make the first move. Eventually we were just at the corner that turned in to the home straight. I was at the front at this time and after a while of nothing I stood up and sprinted! I kept my legs going around and was just a few centimeters short of the other girl on the line, scoring me a 2nd place and a very smiley (and breathless) face!!

In conclusion, I was pleased that I applied what I had learnt from last week for this race, managing the race better, and putting myself in a better position throughout. Whilst I might not have taken the win, the learning is definitely more important – and I still bagged 2nd! 🙂

I am feeling very much ready now for the Castle Combe Easter Classic next weekend!!!