Turbo time

Making friends with a turbo… a turbo has no friends!

The time came to start using a turbo and to say the least I dreaded it! I have had very few nice experiences with the turbo trainer (by that I mean one), and to date I have used the rollers all the time. My first attempt at a turbo session I didn’t adjust my mind and tried to treat it like the rollers – this made it too hard and it didn’t end well. So, I new I had to learn to use the turbo, and not treat it like a roller session!!
Thankfully dad stayed with me for the whole session this time around!! The warm up went well, and before I knew it it was time for a work out. A session built around riding at a cadence and in a gear that kept me in a certain heart rate zone for 5 minutes (one minute seated, the next standing, then seated, then standing etc…), then 5 mins easy recovery time – repeat 4 times. Easy right?


I didn’t sweat as much as a hard roller session, and it made it more fun having someone to talk to as I trained, but man it hurt my legs!!! The standing up hurt the most- especially the last one which was a gear harder than before!!!! Once I got into it it was fine and soon it was over!!

I could tell I had worked hard because as soon as I got off the bike standing up was made difficult from ‘jelly legs’, and that evening my legs wouldn’t stop twitching!!!

Me and the turbo are not good friends and far from ‘besties’, but at least we are now on reasonably good terms… for now….