Maindy Omnium

It was time for the 2nd Ommium of the series, this one at Mandy in Cardiff. I was nervous but excited, although unfortunately was feeling under the weather but at least I was starting to get used to the early mornings -although they hadn’t yet become any more enjoyable.

Warm up went to plan and soom it was my time trail. From last year I knew that this could make a huge difference to your overall score. Time Trials still aren’t my strong suit, and it isn’t something I have ever had a chance to practice or train for. I manageda reaonable time, but it is something that I need to do alot of practice for to improve. I think I came in just about the top half after my time trail.

I needed to pull up my socks for the next race which was conveniently the one which is becoming my favourite and best; the elimination or the ‘Devil’. I had a bit of a worry before I got on the track as I remembered that last year I was awful at holding on to the the side of the track before the start because it was taller than all the others! But all was fine when I got on the circuit as I have grown since then and now can hold on the the side no problem!!
laura_race2Unfortunately I was one of the last out so only managed to grasp the place second from the back of all the riders, but I got away with the pack and did my normal thing of stay near the top and manage to get over the top just in time to not be eliminated; at the same time as fitting in to the pack for when there are less riders. This worked out nicely and I placed 4th or 5th in that race. I felt much better about myself after this race. I didn’t quite have the strength to get around the other riders so I had tried my best.

The next race was the most inactive scratch race ever. Slow and steady with no-one willing to put out effort; it was only the last lap that it all kicked off. I came 6th in this race so not as good as I was hoping and as before I felt quite down about this and knew that I should’ve tried to make that effort no one else did. Personally I think it’s due to lack of self belief, if I thought I was as good as the second years would this race have turned out differently? If I believed that I am one of the best would I have made the attack? At least next time I’ll know what to do, these questions still won’t leave me alone, almost if they’re reminding me that I need to believe.

laura_raceThe next race was the kerien my least favourite and probably my worst as again it isn’t something I have any experience of, or have ever been able to practice. I was in fear of not being in the top group because then even if I was last then I would be higher up than if I was first in the second group. I felt a wave of relief when I was in the the first group. I realised that I was short of energy during the lap the durney pulled off. My friend infront kind of blew up and dropped off meaning I had to get around her and catch the group. I did so but having made this effort I was toasted. I did my best but ended up with a tired out 5th quite a few metres off the back.

The points race was cancelled due to running out of time. This happened exactly when the Mr.whippy van left 😒😠.

All in all it was a good day if not a very tiring one with well deserved noodles for tea at the end!

Maindy Freewheel League Crit

Laura at Maindy 1It was time for another race, this time in Cardiff. I was feeling quite confident and fresh ready for the race.
I did feel a bit nervous, which is expected, mainly because the course was made up from the velodrome outer and the infield space, using cones to signal where to go.
Thankfully we were given time to ride the course, so I made sure I got to learn each part in the time I had. It was an oval shape with a dent and quite a few sharp corners.

I made sure to do my normal warm up on the rollers, in fact they called us to the gate at just the right moment as I had just finished my warm up!

Laura on the start lineSo this was it, I was on the start line ready to start and try and get away in the lead bunch.

I set off, (though for a large part of my sprint from the start line one of my feet wasn’t cliped in! ), and got in to the front group with all the stronger boys. At first I kept yo-yoing off the back but eventually I got back into it fully and took my turn on the front.

Laura leading the fieldI made my own attack off the front; we were all at the top of the banking looking at each other wondering who would make a move so I decided to! It was a good attack, and the boys worked hard to react, I managed to string it out but I decide to only make it short as I didn’t know how much time was left to race.

In the bell lap I sat in, and then had a little sprint for the line. I won the u14 girl category, and beat one of the boys from the break group in the sprint, which I’m very pleased with!

I’m looking forward to returning to the Maindy circuit at the weekend for the next round of the Regional Omnium series.

Zappi’s Crit – 5

A tough week of training ended with a trip back to Endstone today, ready to race in Zappi’s Crit #5!

I warmed up well, making sure I had plenty of time, and then rode a couple of warm up laps. I made sure I got in to a good starting space on the line, and then after briefing from the commissaire, we were set off with a toot on the whistle.

IMG_2014 (1024x683)The race started with a massive sprint, more like and under 12 race than the u14 races so far; everyone trying to break it up. I found myself in a group with the 2 other girls and a friend from Newport Velo (not teammate unfortunately!).

The race was a constant effort; partly because it was quicker, partly due to the fact I was ever so slightly tired.
Towards the end when it became more of a game of cat and mouse, (no one wants to be on the front), I started to recover.

IMG_2030 (1024x659)Soon enough the last lap came. It went the same as it normally does, everyone looking at each other and waiting.
Coming to the final straight I was second wheel, not the best place for me but definitely not the worst. The guy on the front started to put in effort but it was a headwind and he faded leaving all us girls to over take and fight for our place.
It was a very close sprint and I came 2nd out of all the girls scoring me 2 points!IMG_2031

In conclusion I think I have learnt well so far, and started to be a little less naive. I need to work on my position, making myself lower and smaller in the sprint – scrunching myself up 🙂

Overall a good successful race experience, and another happy face!