Icebreakers 1

Last Saturday I competed in the Icebreaker track racing at Newport Velodrome.
warmupI was really nervous before racing and didn’t feel confident in myself, I felt like I was among many better and more exprienced cyclists in what was a national field of 18 riders.
Dad and Morgan gave me encouragement, and then as soon as I started the warm up  and went into the pen with all the other riders I relaxed. Dad had told me “You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t ready.”

As soon as I got on the track, ready to start the scratch race I became who I normally am. I felt part of the bike as I raced around. It was much faster and more aggressive that the u12 racing I had been used to, but I worked hard and managed to grab a 9th place on the line, finishing with the lead bunch.
The points race wasn’t as smooth though. I clashed pedals and bars with another girl, and almost got pushed into another rider. Despite this I still managed to get a point and I came off in one piece (yay!). It had been very sketchy, and at the end of the race we were called together for a chat with the commissaires who wanted to remind the bunch about good racing practices for our safety.

scratch raceThe elimination race was what really made my day, and was my best race in my opinion. I felt stronger than ever and my performance showed this! I played it well always making sure someone was behind or boxed in at the end of each elimination lap, and I survived to the final 7 which I didn’t expect at all! I only went out because I found myself boxed in with a few riderst in front and another girl managed to come from behind and get over the top.

In conclusion, it was great fun and its taught me to believe in myself and start to realise I do belong amongst the under 14s. It also made me aware how big a step it is from under 12s to under 14s. The sprints are harder, and the group rides as a bunch rather than spread out around the track.

I am happy with my result of 9th overall and am looking forward to further track racing at this level.