Returning to the Velodrome

After the season of criterium racing it was nice to get back to Newport velodrome. I had started riding track before way back last winter, but I needed to re-learn track again and try overcome my fears.

Whereas mt brother Morgan was able to get straight into the top group (A group) when we first went there I worked my way into the middle of the three groups, group B. I was really happy there and was warmly welcomed.

After the 2015 road season I returned to the B group and thanks to excellent couching from Stephen and Bryan, and all the support from family (especially dad and mum) I was moved up to the top group with one of my friends. This was really daunting for me, everyone, even my friend, seemed so much stronger than me.
Soon I found that loads of my club cluster and race buddys were in the top group, and I found that I could easily talk to them. In fact after a while I felt comforatble in the group and I still am.

I found it physically challenging as well as mentally, I would just about hold on in the warm up but I would struggle to do activitys such as the train or taking laps because the others were older and stronger and would be able to go quicker. I kept going and trying to stay positive and now i can turn up and do all the things-like train and taking laps- still with effort but I don’t feel so exhausted after each task.