Sulis Scorpions Club Championships – Road Race

This Saturday (10th October) I raced at Odd Down in the Sulis Scorpions Club Championships. It was a morning that consisted of a time trail (TT), a mass start and a handicap race.

By age group I should have raced in the under 12 category, but I raced up in to the under 14’s.

First off was a 3 lap time trail. The first lap I sprinted the start as normal then went at quite a pace till I finished lap one. Lap two I spent getting into a rhythm slightly slower than lap one so I could give it every thing for the final lap. Then when it got to the final lap I carried on the rhythm till the first (top) hairpin. I attacked out the hairpin with a high speed down the straight. This went on till the bottom hairpin, after the hairpin I slowed down ever so slightly so I could sprint up the hill. True to my plan I sprinted up the hill and into the finishing straight finishing with a time of 8 minutes and 1 second, placing me first under 14 girl!

The next race was a mass start. I was racing up an age group in the under 14s so I knew it would be harder. I managed to quickly clip in and sprint off. When the pack caught up we assembled a line and took it in turns. That’s when my throat blocked up!! Coughing and trying to carrie on as normal I clung on to the pack. I finished first girl and 3rd or 4th overall.

My final race was a handicap race. Using our time trial results we were lined up in slowest to quickest for a 4 short lap race. After a lap I was on the back of the quicker ones which I managed to keep up till the very end. Once more I got first girl.

Overall I came first girl and enjoyed my morning very much! It was nice to see all my friends even though it was absolutely freezing!!