Race at Wespoint, Exeter

With the road season coming to an end, and having had a holiday, we headed to Exeter to race.

It was funny not having raced for a few weeks, and I had been a bit under the weather the day before, so only decided to give it a go at earlier that day.

The field wasn’t that big, and not much female competition, so I warmed up and then took a look around the circuit. It had a couple of hills (not my favourite), but they weren’t too bad and I was happy with it.

Unfortunately I found myself behind some younger riders on the start line, and when the race got underway I had to chase hard to catch the 3 or 4 boys that had attacked from the start. Once I caught them I was able to sit in happily, but I started to feel a bit poorly again, so in to the second half of the race I decided to ease off and take the win for the under 12 girl category and not worry about the boys – I’m sure a couple of them were glad to see me back off.

So I rode the final 4 laps on my own, never in danger of being caught, but a bit disappointed to have felt poorly and had to drop out of the group I was with, even though I took the win for the girls.

Next up will be training and the velodrome on Saturday.